Getting Started With Write Panda

Getting started with Writepanda

Writepanda is a smart AI writing assistant specifically designed to work with podcasts.

  • Step 1: Click Podcast Option

  • Step 2: Click Import and upload/ enter url of podcast audio file.

Panda will take a few minutes to automatically transcribe your podcast and create content for your use. The content that Panda will create are:

  • Speaker Labelled Transcription

  • Shownotes

  • Timestamps

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Tweets

  • Quotes

  • Titles

  • Links & Mentions

You can very easily copy and use the content as needed. If you need to refine the generated content, simply click edit and now you will be able to edit specific parts of the content using our AI editor.

Further you can create any content you want by chatting with your podcast - simply ask any question. Because panda has read your entire podcast, it can very easily answer any question. For example, try asking it to summarize the podcast in 5 sentences.

The best way to market a podcast is through video - now easily creat audiograms that you can share in any socialmedia by asking panda to act like your personal video editor. Checkout how to create audiograms here.

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